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Photo by Genghis

IF BIKES COULD TALK: What important message would this bike convey?


My ’85 FXRS is named “Herc.” That’s not short for Hercules, but for Hercimer. I’ll try to explain as concisely as I can. When I was a kid, Captain Kangaroo used to run one of his animation things (they weren’t cartoons, but weird, almost cardboard things against black backgrounds…hard to explain). This particular one was called, “Hercimer the Homely Doll” from a record that was voiced/sang by Sterling Holloway in the late ’40s. In the story, Hercimer was such a homely doll, he sat in the toy shop for years, while newer toys, and fads flew out the door.

Anyway, (I did use the word concise, right…too late.), at my local HD shop was this really nice ’85 FXRS. Perfect factory paint, and obviously well maintained. An original owner bike. This was in 2008. I was in the market for a used Harley. An FXRS was not really on my radar. Every time I went to the dealership, which had a real good selection of used bikes at all times, I kept noticing the ’85. Carb and all. After about a YEAR, I’d go into the dealer just to see if the bike was still there…it would be moved around within the inventory, but there it was. The Softails and Road Kings, etc. weren’t on the floor long. But the newbies walked right by the perfect ’85 FXRS.

Remember that Twilight Zone episode where the old guy and his wife go to Vegas….he’s totally against gambling, but then, a slot machine keeps calling his name..“Franklin”. Ultimately, it’s his undoing. Same thing with this damn FXRS. I watched the price fall over a year and a half. I bought it in the fall of 2009. Yesterday, with the leaves turning, Herc and I went for a trouble-free 300 mile ride.

I love my bike.



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