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August 13, 2013

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Photo by Genghis

TRUE PASSION: Harley riders love their bikes.

It wasn’t long after I bought my second Harley while still in her MoCo crate 26 years ago, that I started greedily ingesting the wit and wisdom of the real Iron Horse. There are times I’ve wished I’d been better informed, and picked up a brand-new shovel a few years earlier, but the die was cast, I fell in love, and I’ve (we’ve) been going the distance ever since.



I used to be a terror on the night club scene,

a hootin’ an’ a hollerin’ from the time I was a teen,

Used to chug an’ cut the rug an’ drink a bottle dry,

used to stay out ’till the dawn, then hold my head an’ cry.

But now I really don’t go out drinkin’ anymore,

don’t spend my nights tearin’ up the dance floor.

Now I’ve got another kick when the stars are shinin’ bright,

and the moonbeams look so pretty in the middle of the night,

I fire up my Olive and I point her down the road,

She does my aching heart a turn an’ lightens a heavy load.

We twist and turn and do a dance of blacktop, tires, and steel,

and my cares all drift behind me with each turnin’ of the wheel.

Her motor’s syncopated beat, the throttle in my hand.

It’s heavy metal on the street, the roar of a power band.

Sometimes those roadhouse dance hall days come back to memory,

but I don’t miss them since my Olive truly set me free.

I could stop at any roadhouse now, and park her for a spell,

go in and see the young’uns learnin’ how to kiss an’ tell.

Now’s their time to shin & shine, my dancin’ days are through,

I’d rather motor down the way, there’s always a road that’s new.

And when my bikin’ days are done, I’ll prob’ly have a cry,

while I rock on the porch and watch the righteous Harleys passin’ by.

So here’s to hopin’ tears of joy will be on my face that day,

when I see a noble biker livin’ life the Harley way.