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Photo by Snow

ANIMAL MOTHER: Devoid of drippings.

Supposed to get up to 95 today, so I got her out for an early morning dash for mocha. Took the 25 mile back road (nice and chilly), plus two miles of city traffic to the nearest Starbucks. Once in 4th I cannot get over how smoothly & easily the revs rise.

It’s now an act of will to resist twisting that throttle WFO. She wants to RUN! I snapped this pic after she’d been sitting for 20 minutes. Note the lack of drippings!

Ever since Animal Mother’s been up and running, I’ll have one or two bad dreams per week about effing up her rebuild. Last Night, I dreamt that I’d pulled her cylinder and broken rings dropped out. I was worried that they’d drop back into the case, but when I looked for’em, they were like spun out cassette tapes all over the cases. Whew! They didn’t fall in. But then I looked through the hole and there was the cylinder, which looked like an Evo cylinder, lodged down in the cases. I was thinking, okay,don’t panic, just move the rod out of the way and fish it out. Then I woke up— very relieved it was only a dream. Pretty frightening, especially the part about the metrosexual Evo cylinder…

Man, I know it’s sacrilegious, but when the time comes I’m may go with that Sunburst Orange metalflake that was on my ’74 CB5504!

When it’s right it’s right, though, with Animal Mother in black! I was ruined by Scott’s B&W shots of Sally, which is why that color shot he posted of Sally posted was so disturbing. I love that Honda metalflake orange so much, I think I’ll get an extra tank professionally painted and just hang it on the wall. It does look beautiful on the road though, varying with the intensity of the sun.



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