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FIRING UP MY HARLEY 74: A uniquely American experience.”

That’s not accurate. Actually, I’ve already gone on that ride. I took that ride, but not on Independence Day of 2015. I took that ride today, which is the day before July 4th, because I have the day off from work in observance of the holiday. Gotta tell ya, it was a nice ride. But that’s nothing new. For the most part, most rides are nice and enjoyable. Hey, you might be thinking….

“That’s it? So he went for a ride, so what? What kinda Independence Day message is that?”

Hey man, whadditya expect, a State of The Union address? Besides, what is more uniquely American, than going fer a ride on a righteous Harley Shovelhead stroker, huh? The answer is, nuthin’. Yessir, there’s nothing more American than an old-school Harley 74. Just as hot dogs are the All-American food, the Harley 74 is the All-American machine.

This ride was no different than others, in that I get into a deeply introspective zone while I’m throttling, braking, shifting and leaning the bike. My mind automatically drifts into mundane thoughts, occasionally meaningful thoughts and at times, conflicted thoughts about things that bother me on a subconscious level. The types of issues that cause conflicts in my mind, are sometimes amorphous, like a long-dissipated dream, that wants to fight its way back to the surface of cognizant thought.

The discovery of these thorny issues that snake beneath my absolute consciousness, gives me a chance to pin down and identify, exactly what it is, that bothers me about these issues.One such disturbing thought that kept on resurfacing while I was riding today, was…..

“America is under attack! We’re under attack by terrorists!”

I wasn’t thinking about foreign terrorists. I was thinking of domestic terrorists, known as the P.C. Police. Look at what’s happened this past week, aided and abetted by the far left media, which in this case, is constituted by the mainstream media. The Confederate flag has been maligned to the point that its existence as a valuable footnote of American history, is threatened. Efforts have been made to eradicate the flag as an iconic symbol of an era—the Civil War era—a symbol that represents a sizable part of our country–the southern part of our country. The last time I looked, the south is as American as the north part of the country.


In the past, the Confederate flag symbolized a great many things. In a minor and indirect way, the Confederate flag symbolized the existence of slavery in our country. However, during the Civil War, the Confederate battle flag primarily symbolized the main bone of contention between the north and the south, which was the states’ right of secession from the Union. Slavery was a minor issue in the Civil War.

The south resented the north’s federal tariffs at southern ports, and the Union government couldn’t survive without these taxes on the south. It was all about bread, man—and slavery was but an unseemly side show. The north wanted the south in the Union, and the south didn’t want to be in the Union. This is the history that the Confederate flag is really about—not slavery.

It should be obvious to anyone with a half a brain, that the Confederate flag in 2015, does not represent secession, or slavery. The significance of the Confederate flag today, has been diluted to signify an historic facet of American history, and as hard as opponents of the flag might try to repress this part of our history, it cannot be denied. The south is now indelibly as American, as Los Angeles or New York. The Confederate battle flag, is a symbol of the southern Americans who fought in the Civil War, and today the flag represents the heritage of today’s southern Americans, bequeathed to them by their ancestors. This is the Confederate flag’s purest symbolism, and should be respected as such.

CONFEDERATE FLAG: Represents the heritage of southern Americans.

The Confederate flag, like it or not, has been woven not just into the deepest historical fabric of our country by 2015, but also into its popular culture. Many streets in the north are named after Confederate generals. The P.C. Police are trying to have those street names—which have been in existence for over a century—nullified and changed, as if those Confederate generals never existed in American history. That is impossible. They are a part of all of our heritage, north and south.

No politically correct effort to expunge the Confederate flag from our present lives, is more ridiculous than television stations’ dropping of reruns of “The Dukes of Hazzard.” Why have the P.C. Police attacked this iconic old TV show? Because the muscle car that was featured on the show, the “General Lee,” had a Confederate flag painted on it’s roof. How freakin’ ludicrous is that? Hey, George Washington owned slaves. What’s next, an effort to rename Washington DC? Thomas Jefferson owned slaves. What’s next, a campaign by the P.C. Police, to demolish the Jefferson memorial? This campaign against the Confederate flag, is an example of P.C. run amok.

POLITICALLY INCORRECT: Should the Jefferson Memorial be torn down?

These are the kinds of things I sometimes think about, while riding my Harley 74. On the eve of Independence Day 2015, here’s what I want. I want the dreaded P.C. Police, to leave my country alone. I love America just the way it is. Later.




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