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TIME HONORED IMAGERY: US Marines with the Confederate battle flag.

The rebel flag has always been an icon of American hot rod/biker imagery, going deep into the last century/millenium. You can see mid-60s Chicago Outlaws in Danny Lyon’s photo-journalistic classic The Bikeriders proudly sporting rebel flag patches on their cutoffs. I doubt if any ancestors of the Chicago/Milwaukee/Dayton/Columbus Outlaw chapters served with General Lee.

If the current PC pussies want to marginalize the battle flag, let’em, and they can go to hell. Like skulls, the iron cross, diamond & 69 patch, leering wolves in top hats, and the swastika, it is a part of classic outlaw imagery and still retains its power over everyday fools and straight citizens.

Bottom line: no symbol has any objective meaning. They are man-made constructs that don’t exist independently in nature. They are purely subjective have only that meaning that the observer projects. If the rebel flag is racist to you, fine, deal with it— like, avert your eyes and move on. Just don’t try to decide what meaning it has for me or anyone else. PC morons allow crackpots to determine the terms of the debate for them, rather than deal with a complex symbol as rational adults.




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