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MY ’76 SHOVEL: Mabel’s younger sister.

Genghis, thanks letting me glimpse into your world. I’ve read most of the articles posted at “Biker Subculture” and enjoyed ’em all! You bring together the mechanical mayhem and hard-living associated with our lifestyle and the philosophical musings of an intellectual individual.

I took today to celebrate Independence Day because, like you, work is my priority on the Fourth and I had today off. In this light, I dragged the 1976 FX outta the shed and set to kicking the bitch. Wasn’t long before I was rewarded with the boom of a stroked Shovelhead motor firing through chrome exhausts. Wotta a glorious racket – my kinda fireworks!

Rode ‘er around the Valley, enjoying the envious looks, scornful sneers, glances averted in fear or misunderstanding, and all the myriad other reactions we get from the unwashed masses while astride our mechanical beasts. Gimme freedom. Gimme liberty. I revel in the free wind on my face, the liberty of twisting the throttle and hearing the old dog howl. Life is better with an old Harley in it…

Today I rode with The Spirit of Seventy-six on my ’76…




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