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Photos by Snow


Spent the weekend cleaning up blood, vomit and shit after a pitbull fight in my kitchen here at the XLCH Ranch. One dog recovering at the vet’s, the other’s head is all chewed up, but she’ll be okay. One of the yard pits, Amos, broke out of his kennel during a thunderstorm, broke through the gate on the front porch, and opened the trailer door with his teeth. The doorknob is almost crushed. His sister, Izzy, followed and she and the house pit, Froggy, had a big fight. I walked in on the aftermath like a horror movie. Thank the dog godz it hadn’t devolved into a pack attack… Froggy locked onto Izzy’s chest and Izzy worked her head over. I found a canine tooth complete with root on the kitchen floor as I was mopping up… maybe it’ll slow Froggy down…

To cheer up, I perused all things XLCH on Ebay. I won an auction for one of those kool 1970’s XLCH enameled brass belt buckles with the Harley #1 and XLCH going down the side. They were 5 bucks new in ’74, and I’ve seen’em sell for over a hundred on Ebay. I paid $30. I’ll post a pic when it arrives. Pretty cool t-shirt here. These old time Harley shirts have real class— no flashy gay graphics, no killer clowns or Punisher skulls or any other desperate bad attitude signifiers. I bet it’ll go for over a hundred bucks to some Knuckle rider in Tokyo. Anybody ever hear of the XLCH Ranch???? Oh, the possibilities….

We’re stuck with all the rejects that couldn’t be adopted for health/behavioral or temperament issues. Of course, they’re all our babies, but would be classed as dangerous dogs in the real world. Fortunately, I walked in after they’d had all the fight they wanted. I have one gamebred dog that is a really scary monster, Eeyore. As a puppy he was advertised as a “triple bred fighter” for sale for $5K on a dogfighting website.


The dogfighting/meth ring was busted and we fostered Eeyore and his three sisters & brother while the case went to trial. 50 other dogs were confiscated during the bust. E’s siblings all got adopted to good homes, but he’s too unstable for normal folks to deal with. This is what he did to me a couple of years ago after his last “episode.” He’s my baby boy, tho….



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