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Photos by Snow

SERENE: Animal Mother at rest

Last couple of times I rode Animal Mother, I started to get on it, since she’s got a good chunk over 1000 miles on her, maybe 1200-1300 miles. Cruising at 70, which barely keeps up with freeway traffic, with some blasts at 80 to pass some fools texting and weaving, I felt her kind of flattening out and it took about 5 kicks to start her at a gas stop Friday. Felt like an intake leak. At the dog house, I checked the manifold clamps, they were rock solid. Then I noticed one of the carb (S&S E) mount bolts wedged between the bottom of the cylinders and the oil line to the head. Yep, it had backed out of the carb & spacer block & manifold and made it home. Unfortunately the carb threads were stripped (the threaded lower flange which is separate from the carb body).

Removed the carb & took it to Jerry on the way to the shop. Told him there was no rush, but it took him about ten minutes to get an insert in there. I took that swingarm, too, to see if he had a nut big enough to fit the threads. Nope. I guess I can unscrew the nut off Animal Mother’s swingarm & check’em… Anyway, rode her to work Saturday and she’s back to her wicked ol’ self, pulling hard and trying to get me into trouble. Always nice when a mean female pulls ya hard… Here she is sharing space with a GayGlide.

GROOVY ARTIFACT: The ’70s XLCH buckle I scored.

Also, the groovy ‘70s XLCH buckle I won on ebay arrived. Looks to be unused, but ancient— the white enameled stripe has faded to a warm yellow.



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