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ANIMAL MOTHER: With the new wheel.

I’ve always said that a Sportster is like a hotass skinny chick— small, light & tight with big jugs and a bad attitude. The final hurdle to stuffing AniMo into that 66 short frame has been the issue of the rear wheel. I hate a 16 on Sportsters & after hanging with JR and admiring his pair of racing KRs as well as drooling over pics of KR flattrackers over the years, I’ve been resolved to run a 19 on the rear.

I’d anticipated an ongoing project— looking at getting some high dollar dirt bike rim, spokes, ironhead hub, brake drum & plate— but I found exactly what I wanted on ebay. Someone, at some point, had laced a 19″ aluminum front XL wheel to a rear hub/drum/plate. It even came with a Dunlop with good tread, all for $250. Much much less than the time & money I though I’d have to expend.

I don’t have more than a couple of miles on her, but she sure feels racy— much more nimble and agile. I cut a little off the rear fender and am experimenting with the right angle— then the grinding will begin. No more fender light. I made notes of good sidemounts that forum members recommended, but have since lost ‘em. Anyone refresh my memory?

So I’m damn close to the frame swap. Just need oil tank mounts welded on & some powdercoating. Then the logostics to insure the least amount of down time….



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