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You know the platitudes.

“I’m thankful for world peace.”

“I’m thankful for the love of my fellow man.”

Yet, on this Thanksgiving in The Year of The Lord 2015, there is only one thing to be grateful for, if you’re a biker. And that is…..


Let’s get serious here and call a spade a spade. We bikers all know, that underneath it all, we’re all just a bunch of kids, a bunch of kids who have been infatuated and totally involved with our motorcycles, since we were kids.

How else to explain—and if I have to explain, then you wouldn’t understand—that a 68 year old man like me, goes on and on about his Harley 74 as if The Bike were the answer to the world’s problems as far as we’re concerned, and that everything else is of little to no importance?

Sure, we’re just a bunch of kids, no matter how old we get, that flat out love our motorized toys. Yet, when we step into our office that consists of that low seat above those gleaming twin barrels—it feels like an experience of great note. Why is that?

Why is it, that 80 years of the Biker Subculture, begun and continued by our cultural forebears, feels like something to revere, to almost worship?

Man, that heavy rumble when our bikes start up, that lumpy and hypnotic idle, that BLAST! of the pipes when we bury the throttle at 70 per on the highway…..what does it mean?

To the outside world, we’re outlaws of the worst kind. We’re the outlaws that actually think that our motorcycles, are far more important than how well one does on the golf course. We’re the type of outlaws that like givin’ citizens of loud blast of what life is literally like, out in the open air, feet inches from the blacktop.

We’re the carefree, risk-taking, ho-hum-averse boys that girls’ parents warned ’em about, when we were young. We still are, except that we married those girls who were warned by their moms and dads, when they were young.

So, bros and sisses, on this Thanksgiving Day of the Year of The Lord 2015—be thankful for THE BIKE! Later.


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