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TOO COOL FOR WORK: Just hop on and ride, baby!

It’s the Day After. The day after Thanksgiving, that is. Man, it’s great not to have to work today, and harkens back to a day—a long ago day when I was in my 20s, and not yet gainfully employed. That was a distant day when I could just get on the bike, and ride! Today was like that.

Such a simple pleasure.

I’ll tell ya, it’s like I in my 20s again. I was twenty-one years old, when I bought my first Harley (best thing I ever did), and in those halcyon days when I didn’t have to work monday through friday, were so great. Why were they so great? Because I could just hop on the bike, and ride! It’s no wonder so many hardcores are unemployed, so they can enjoy this simple pleasure, all of their lives.

Problem is, I can’t do that, just because I want to be able to keep my Harley 74 the rest of my life. There are also some minor details, such as having a roof over my head, and food to eat. That requires work, man. Besides that, I have a great work ethic, inherited from, and ground into my, by my parents.

22 YEARS OLD AND NO JOB: Hangin’ out on St. Marks place with other bikers.

Today reminded me of when I was 22 years old, and hangin’ out on Second Avenue and St. Marks Place, in the East Village. No responsibilities, except havin’ enough gas money for the day—and shootin’ the shit with other bikers. What a life, man! If my name was Riley, today would’ve been The Life of Riley!

The draw of THE BIKE is always strong. Today, I was able to answer that siren call, with no worries, the day after Thanksgiving. The only thing that’s changed in the intervening years since I was 22, is the bike. Now, instead of hopping on my ’68 XLCH “Sally The Bitch,” I hop on my ’71 Stroker Shovel, Mabel. Me and Mabel, carefree and patrolling the highways, on a moment’s notice! How cool is that? Later.


4 Responses to ““SUCH A SIMPLE PLEASURE””

  1. Keith T Robinson Says:


  2. 47str8leg Says:

    It’s good to know it never gets old. .hope you and yours had a great Thanksgiving.

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