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MABEL: Silent for five months.

I hadn’t heard it since November. Man, that’s five months since I’ve ridden Mabel, my ever-lovin’ Stroker Harley. Today was the first day in 2016, when I got to hear that HARLEY BLAST of Mabel’s, that distinctive and unforgettable sound of a Harley-Davidson used in anger.

And anger it was that motorvated me today. Anger about two consecutive, lingering colds since late December, that delayed my first ride of the year.

We’ve all heard this from our very sensible female companions, emphatically stated with an accompanying sneer:

“But it’s only a cold!”

SPOUSAL SCIENCE: Colds are worse for men!

A scientific double-blind study of 346 couples in which both partners had colds at the same time, shows that invariably, the men suffered more severe symptoms, as well as having those symptoms last four times as long as their spouses.

It was also demonstrated, that the men complained ten times as much as their fair partners! Of course, the scientists who conducted this highly questionable study were male. (*COUGH*)

And so it was with me. With both colds—the second cold rapidly following in the footsteps of the recovery from the first cold—the actual virus left my personage within a week. However, what lingered for weeks on end, were a cough. (*HACK*)

Could I have ridden while I had the residual effects of the colds? Yes. Did I feel like riding during that time—no. Okay, I admit it. I was a wussy. These days though, since I’m not 20 years old anymore, I tend to wallow and follow my adult instincts with regard to doing nothing. If I don’t feel like doing something—whatever that something may be, then I don’t do it.

Riding the bike has always been a compulsion with me, but age has a way of softening compulsive urges. In other words, I’m more lazy than I used to be. Okay, so I’m a sissy! You gotta problem with that? Huh? Whaddayou lookin’ at?

Another example of this post-viral lethargy, is this week was the first time that I’ve taken pictures outside since late December. Ordinarily, I carry my camera with me all-year round. Since my colds started in December however, I just didn’t feel like it. So I didn’t. Hey man, looks like the common cold won the contest!




So, the common cold virus wins this round. Big deal, man. Who’s still standing, huh? Who’s the last organism standing after this battle, ya damn bug? ME! That’s who. Ha! It’s not over till the fat lady sings, baby!


Hear me cough!

Not riding until today this year, was bad enough, but what made it worse is the fact that this winter has been one of the mildest in recorded history. There have been days within the last month, when temperatures in NYC flirted with 70 degrees fahrenheit. It has been a very spring-like winter. A benefit recipient of the very warm winter, was Mabel’s battery.

BATTERY STRONG: She cranked right over.

Man, Mabel cranked right over today, as if we’d ridden yesterday! Outstanding! R-R-Rrrrrr….Waaaackaaa…… Love that sound, man. There isn’t a sound as exhilirating as a Harley-Davidson starting up from a drowsy winter sleep–and the sound of a biker riding his Harley in anger! But it’s a righteous anger. Hey Mabel, we’re back and we’re bad! Later!



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