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Photo by Genghis

BASIC: The motorcycle.

Bangin’ through the gears, man. Mabel’s stoker motor bellowing like an enraged monster between gear changes—that characteristic “clunk” from the four-speed tranny so comforting, as I progress from first to fourth after entering the highway—as I grab a handful of throttle and bury it at its stop at full gas between gears. No thoughts of projects, because I don’t have one. I just have my faithful Shovel, to ride and enjoy. No thoughts of a club, ’cause I don’t belong to one. Always, it’s just the thought of The Moment and The Motorcycle, as I put my 74 through her paces, happy as I get lost in the process and privilege of riding. That’s all there is, man—going for a ride.

Occam was a pretty smart guy. Yeah, just do the simple thing in any situation, it’ll always be the best way. In this case, being a biker when boiled down to its gritty essence, consists of this:

Going for a ride.

I don’t want to label everything else except going for a ride, bullshit, because that would not be fair or logical. But all else besides going for a ride, is superfluous, even relatively unimportant—when compared to going for a ride. The simplest thing is always the most important thing.

“Going for a ride” sounds like something trivial, as it rolls off the tongue—like “goin’ ta get some pizza.” But, consider this. Isn’t going for a ride, what got ya here in the beginning, and ultimately, what keeps ya going the distance in the life? If not, then let me suggest that it should be. Firing up the Harley Girl, and taking off never gets old.

The trip is you and your bike, “going for a ride.” You can enjoy the trappings of being a biker, but don’t let the distractions of those peripheral concerns, trap you into being unmindful of what counts. What counted after you got your first bike when you were 19, 20 or 21—is what counts now—going for a ride. That never changes, man.

It’s just you and her, baby. That’s what the trip boils down to, as the redundant fluids evaporate above and around it—going for a ride. That’s the essence of this thing of ours. Later.



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