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MABEL IN HER PARKING LOT: Waiting patiently for her new battery!


Empathy: The action of vicariously experiencing the feelings, thoughts and experience of another of either the past or present without having the feelings, thoughts or experience fully communicated in an objectively explicit manner.


“I felt this sudden anger as I woke up earlier. It’s gone now though. Yes, real anger! I don’t know! It was about 12:35 AM! It was for awhile. I felt it on and off, all night. It was a wave of anger I felt, and it was not my anger. I wasn’t angry about anything. I knew I felt it from, or around you. I thought, OMG, I know what you are doing! It was your subconscious. I felt that horrible, pulling anger.”



I woke up around 12:30 PM. I started thinking about the fact that I hadn’t put the new battery, into my Harley-Davidson motorcycle, “Mabel” yet. Truth to tell, I felt lazy about doing it for the past few weeks.

This new battery has been sitting at home, on a trickle charger, just waiting for yours truly to get off my lazy ass, and install said new battery. While lying in bed, stirring out of sleep—I began to get angry at myself. I thought….

“What kind of biker am I anyway? Lettin’ laziness get the better of me, so I can’t ride? Man, that’s bullshit!”

I admit, I am an extremely compulsive person. I all of a sudden, will get an idea in my mind, and that idea will gnaw at me like termites eat away at the wooden walls of a house. And so, the saga began!

I’m like a dog with a bone.

I am that is, once I get an idea into my compulsive mind, and let it burrow under my compulsive skin. I laid there in bed for hours, angry and frustrated at myself, planning all the details of how I would get up at dawn’s light, and install Mabel’s (my 1971 Harley Super Glide) new battery.

Part of the frustration and anger I feel, is that I realize that at that time of night, I can’t get up immediately, to do what I burned to do—install that battery!

I hate waiting around the house.

Anyway, this article is only partially about how I eventually did have the patience to wait for daylight (Mabel is in a poorly lit outdoor parking lot) to arrive, and install Mabel’s battery. I did do that, and had a great ride after.

The main point of this memoir, is to discuss Twinklebear, my true Soulmate’s absolutely uncanny and amazing empathy, regarding my feelings. So called “Twin Soul” Soulmates (also known as “twin flame” soulmates) such as Twinklebear and I, have an exclusive, unbreakable connection, where, because we share the same one soul, feel each other’s feelings, and can sense each other’s thoughts contemporaneously. This actually happens with us every day.

Hey, dig it! I woke up at 12:30 PM, and felt that anger and frustration I told you about. At 12:35 PM, Twinklebear felt these intense feelings of anger, that could not be explained, by her own emotions–she was not angry about anything. Furthermore, Twinklebear immediately realized that it was my emotions that she was vicariously feeling and experiencing.

This empathy that true Soulmates feel toward the partner Soulmate, is a well-known, well-documented attribute of Twin Soul Soulmates. This clearly defined and irrefutable episode of Twinklebear’s sensing and feeling my emotions, at exactly the same time I was experiencing them last night—is perhaps the finest and most instructive example of the empathetic abilities of Twin Soul Soulmates, with each other.