“More things should not be used than are necessary”—William of Ockham

Welcome. If you’re a fan of the old Iron Horse magazine and my martial arts magazine writing from the ’90s, your search is over. New articles are published here. I also write about photography here, another life long passion. Navigation here is straightforward. Simply click on the link for the articles. There are also links to my other websites.







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  1. Hi Scott, Thanks for the memories. Especially the one relating to Bridgehampton and Watkins Glen. I was there at the same time. We might have even seen and admired each others cars. I will have to bring the Mustang by the office one day. Stay well and maintain the conviction you have cultivated over your many years.
    Richard T from the office

  2. Yeah, thanks for the memories too. I used to a be reader in the old ‘peas’ days. The only American bike magazine I read and felt affinity with.

    Tell me, I was just trying to explain to some young guy what happened in the dark days of H-D when they went around busting independent dealers and I remembered the old family business which looked more like a Harley museum and how the MoCo made them strip all the memorabilia off …

    Do you remember the name of the place, and is there a copy of that article? Are they out of business now?


      1. I remember following that. This was when the moco was forcing dealerships to become parlors or lose their licensing. I can’t remember for sure but I think it was Flynch or Noyes writing the updates. Damn…now I have to drag the beer case of IH out from under the stairs. Piss Peas Forever!

  3. Hey Genghis…been too long since I read your stuff. Keep pumping it out! The whole “subculture” label thing is a little lost on me but no-one ever asked me to go to a MENSA meeting so I guess that just makes me average LoL. Was never into labels anyways; seems to me that was something other people used to describe anyone different than “them”!
    BTW, tell Old Daze that it was Bill’s Cycle in Pennsylvania that got the procto-job from the MoCo. Still makes me cry to think about.

    Piss Peas Forever!

    1. Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. Mabel has a swingarm that was gotten from Bill’s Cycle. David Snow once did an article about Bill’s.

      1. Yeah it was Snow’s piece in the old IH that clued me in to what happened to Bill. I miss reading Snow, Yourself and Noyes. Found you here, Snow is here too once in awhile I seem to recall too. Does anyone know what happened to Noyes? Inquiring minds want to know LoL.

    1. Jeff, good to hear from you. Still have your XLCH? I have good memories of the photoshoot on Henry Street. Unfortumately, I don’t have anything digital on “Little Sister.”

      1. no i dont have her anymore..
        i got tired of looking like “grape-ape” on her…..needed something bigger,… and i never liked electric start ‘anything’…so got a hold of a 81 shovel rigid frame basket, got it running and road it around for awhile without a seat or rear fender…..i drove it to psyco-cycles on rivington to get a fender….indian larry laughed, he thought that was badass…..
        i just realized that if i hit the tire, i would have a tread mark tattoo and perhaps affect the gene pool, so thought it best to get a fender and a seat. I am still recovering from riding that rigid on the cross-bronx xpressway back in the day… one time, i ended up on the sawmill surrounded by bmw , mercedes, etc., ( fancy cars) , traffic was thick, traffic suddenly thinned so i thought i could open r up….when my side mounted license plate taillight broke off.,,, bike shorted out and i coasted over into shoulder …when i opened my tool pouch under the front of the frame, all my tools were gone,…..i knew then why the traffic thinned…..so, i pushed the bike to Pete’s tavern in Elmsford and got a guiness…
        my brother has her now in kansas city

      2. Same to you,…just a thought,..but ever thought of having a website with all of the past Iron Horse mags?

  4. I never missed an issue back then. Don’t know why I didn’t stumble across this sooner, I’ve been way behind the technology curve. Riding 50 years, currently getting ready to hit the road for good on my Evo Stella Blue. Thanks for the memories Genghis.

    1. now if we can get the issues digitized so they are online and accessible to all!
      the family rides the internet baby
      issue 122 vol 17 no 2 feb 1994-little sister

  5. As all of us age, we are required to make “adjustments”. You needn’t quit riding, you just need a lighter bike! Try a BSA 441 Victor if you like vintage or a Suzuki 650 Savage if you want cheap. Don’t laugh, those one lungers can give you the ride of your life, lots of torque and loads of fun. Easy to handle and fun to work on.
    Ultimately, the final decision is yours, but at the very least keep writing! I’m an old Iron Horse reader and disappointed in today’s publications, but since most Americans read at a sixth-grade level, I’m not surprised most publications have turned into nothing more than picture books!
    As far as your “retirement” goes, I think doing ANY job almost thirty years becomes “the same old shit” every day, that’s how it was for me and eventually, you just burn out. Try something different, in my case, it was selling high-performance luxury cars, something I longed for since I was 14 years old and read “The Black Tiger”. While the money was nowhere near as good as when I owned my own company, it filled my need to try something different and exciting.

    In the end brother, every day above the dirt is a good one at our age if we take advantage of the opportunities that are out there.

    Let’s hope that 2019 brings us both good health and good fortune!

    LB the Car Guy / Chicago Illinois

    1. i don’t know….. i prever ending up in a ditch with a 1968 magneto……
      just gotta tale out the proper insurance plan for rest of fam……all part of moving through the resistance……. like that speed when the windoves through you…..’81shovel rigid!

    2. i don’t know….. i prever ending up in a ditch with a 1968 magneto……
      just gotta take out the proper insurance plan for rest of fam……all part of moving through the resistance……. like that speed when the wind moves through you…..’81shovel rigid!

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