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Welcome to BIKER SUBCULTURE. If you’re a fan of the old IRON HORSE magazine, David Snow’s Iron Horse, your search is over. A note about navigating this site. You can either search the archives for columns by month, or you may prefer to find links to the columns by title I recommend using the following link to finding the BIKER SUBCULTURE columns by title (these are listed in chronological order, from the oldest to the newest):



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24 Responses to “BIKER SUBCULTURE”

  1. D Says:

    love it

  2. richard Says:

    Hi Scott, Thanks for the memories. Especially the one relating to Bridgehampton and Watkins Glen. I was there at the same time. We might have even seen and admired each others cars. I will have to bring the Mustang by the office one day. Stay well and maintain the conviction you have cultivated over your many years.
    Richard T from the office


    Thanks Rich. Us car guys have a special passion, just like bikers.

  4. The Old Daze Says:

    Yeah, thanks for the memories too. I used to a be reader in the old ‘peas’ days. The only American bike magazine I read and felt affinity with.

    Tell me, I was just trying to explain to some young guy what happened in the dark days of H-D when they went around busting independent dealers and I remembered the old family business which looked more like a Harley museum and how the MoCo made them strip all the memorabilia off …

    Do you remember the name of the place, and is there a copy of that article? Are they out of business now?


  5. mike Says:

    Hey Genghis…been too long since I read your stuff. Keep pumping it out! The whole “subculture” label thing is a little lost on me but no-one ever asked me to go to a MENSA meeting so I guess that just makes me average LoL. Was never into labels anyways; seems to me that was something other people used to describe anyone different than “them”!
    BTW, tell Old Daze that it was Bill’s Cycle in Pennsylvania that got the procto-job from the MoCo. Still makes me cry to think about.

    Piss Peas Forever!


      Hey Mike, thanks for the comment. Mabel has a swingarm that was gotten from Bill’s Cycle. David Snow once did an article about Bill’s.

      • mike Says:

        Yeah it was Snow’s piece in the old IH that clued me in to what happened to Bill. I miss reading Snow, Yourself and Noyes. Found you here, Snow is here too once in awhile I seem to recall too. Does anyone know what happened to Noyes? Inquiring minds want to know LoL.

  6. Topsy Says:

    Hey, welcome back Genghis you’re now bookmarked.

  7. Riff Raff Says:

    Great to see you guys again! Bookmarked and read as often as possible.

  8. Migmig Says:

    I think I’m gonna put Genghis in my favorites…
    And Mabel, too…

  9. jeff Says:

    Have anything digital on Vol 17 no 2 “Little Sister?”


      Jeff, good to hear from you. Still have your XLCH? I have good memories of the photoshoot on Henry Street. Unfortumately, I don’t have anything digital on “Little Sister.”

      • jeff Says:

        no i dont have her anymore..
        i got tired of looking like “grape-ape” on her…..needed something bigger,… and i never liked electric start ‘anything’…so got a hold of a 81 shovel rigid frame basket, got it running and road it around for awhile without a seat or rear fender…..i drove it to psyco-cycles on rivington to get a fender….indian larry laughed, he thought that was badass…..
        i just realized that if i hit the tire, i would have a tread mark tattoo and perhaps affect the gene pool, so thought it best to get a fender and a seat. I am still recovering from riding that rigid on the cross-bronx xpressway back in the day… one time, i ended up on the sawmill surrounded by bmw , mercedes, etc., ( fancy cars) , traffic was thick, traffic suddenly thinned so i thought i could open r up….when my side mounted license plate taillight broke off.,,, bike shorted out and i coasted over into shoulder …when i opened my tool pouch under the front of the frame, all my tools were gone,…..i knew then why the traffic thinned…, i pushed the bike to Pete’s tavern in Elmsford and got a guiness…
        my brother has her now in kansas city

      • SCOTT "GENGHIS" WONG Says:

        Hey Jeff, thanks for that story, man. Hope all is well.

      • Jeff Says:

        Same to you,…just a thought,..but ever thought of having a website with all of the past Iron Horse mags?

  10. Jeff Says:

    did you get the photo I sent in a reply email?…I could post it here but can’t seem to past it…

  11. TN Mike Says:

    Genghis, Got any idea what Flynch is up to lately? The Horse just hasn’t been the same sine he isn’t writing articles.



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